First few weeks on campus....

Every year we remember the statistic that freshman are more interested in the Gospel during their first 6 weeks on campus than any other time in their college careers. Because of this our team has been planning and praying hard for reaching out during these crucial first weeks on campus.

As our staff team prayed, I was reminded that it was 2 weeks BEFORE my first college class that I had found the group of people I would spend the next 2 years with. I jumped head first into the fraternity parties, sorority events, and got into a relationship that led me further from Christ than I had ever been. I would never have walked into a church or campus ministry on my own accord, but I would have responded if someone cared enough about me to get to know me and share how I could have hope outside of the typical college experience.

It is because of this that we are motivated to stand outside in the 110 degree heat passing out popsicles and getting into conversations with freshman. Here are some pics from our table at the Mean Green Fling, where hundreds of student organizations set up tables to tell freshman what their group is all about.

Mean Green Fling
You also know that I have a huge heart for sorority women, since I was in a sorority myself. We have started this semester by visiting each chapter and making announcements about our Cru events. These announcements are not meant to terminate on themselves. We want to make significant contacts with women in each house in hopes of getting in front of their freshman to share how to balance life in college and think deeply about the spiritual part of life. These freshman talks translate into one-on-one conversations where our staff women will get to know these women and have an opportunity to share where they can find their greatest satisfaction in college -- Jesus.

Here is a picture of the books we passed out as a give-away in each house. The book gives a real look at the Sex & The City lifestyle that so many young women aspire towards. The author, Marian Jordan, talks candidly of her life experience and how she was looking for love in all the wrong places... leaving her thirsty, drained, and even more empty, and how Jesus is the only one that truly satisfies the desires of our hearts. For more on Marian's ministry visit:

Sex & The City Uncovered books for sororities

This past Thursday we had our first Cru event called "The Big Something." We gathered outside a dorm in the middle of campus, played live music, gave away free sno-balls, and played some volleyball. All this in hopes of meeting some new students and inviting them to be a part of our community. One of our staff guys told us later he counted 85 students at this event -- praise God!  

Some students came because we handed them a flier at the Mean Green Fling, some came because their friend invited them, and some just came because they heard the music from their dorm. This was a great encouragement to us to see that students who had no idea what we were about took a risk to come to our event alone and get to know us. What a huge step for a freshman! We are having the same event next Thursday and are encouraged by the Lord that this was His will for us. We will be kicking off our regular weekly meeting (worship & bible study) on Sept. 15. 

Student Leaders at The Big Something
Here are some things to pray for:
  • That many freshman would walk by our 2nd The Big Something and that we would get into spiritual conversations with them 
  • We have tables doing spiritual surveys with students every day this week -- pray for divine appointments and for energy/perseverance through the heat and long days
  • That we would be able to develop relationships with sorority freshman
Student guys filling out spiritual surveys
Natasha RedFreshman