Staring Fear in the Face

The lies get worse as they stream though your mind. You do not wander as the adulterous woman (Proverbs 5:3-6). You are a new creation -- a daughter of the King who has clothed you with strength and dignity (Proverbs 31:25). You have no reason to feel ashamed -- because the blood of Christ has cleansed you from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9) Beauty is fleeting and should not be trusted in; seek after the fear of the Lord. All fear exists because at one point it was reality. Once you experience something as reality it is hard to forget. We need your grace to help us remember that another person's sin does not define us. Your own sin doesn't define you because you are in Christ -- He defines you and gives you worth. You will not crumble under it.
You are broken and fallen.
But God is victorious through Christ's death and resurrection (Isaiah 25:8)

You cannot put your trust in man. All others will fail you. God, insecurity need not be projected on another. We are tempted to lay it on the ground, but I rather surrender it to you. Father, fear shows the truth about who we are -- that we do not really trust you. We don't trust you are who you say you are -- we don't trust you have our best interest at heart and we do not really believe you love us. Confession to you is freedom. In that I can truly breathe.

And I have this foundation: there is nothing in my history that confirms you will leave me all alone. I cannot look back on my life and say there was a time you were not with me. You are faithful, and keeper of my soul. You define my worth in every way (Psalm 139:1). You have not left me alone as an orphan or abandoned me (John 14:18). You protect me and guide me. I can trust your voice. I can trust your Spirit will reveal truth to my soul and direct me by your powerful word (Romans 2:12).

Love is a risk. We have to be willing to risk to follow you. Lord, to revel in your outstanding, immeasurable love that overcomes all confusion, brokenness, and brutal missing of your perfect mark. We are but small beggars trying to get by. But you have given us power to conquer over fear (Romans 8:37).

The Spirit of truth that dwells and lives within me: You have given me light and life where I deserved death and darkness. Despite of who I am you did this. Despite my rebellious treason against your authority, you love. You fight for me. Help me drink in that grace. Because by the grace of God and sacrifice of Jesus in death and resurrection, claiming victory over death, you say I am. With all authority in Heaven and on Earth, you say I am chosen.