Hello from Orlando!

I cannot begin to explain how awesome new staff training has been. What an incredible five weeks! I am overwhelmed by the men and women here who have so faithfully sought the Lord in their calling to full time ministry. They have been a rock in my life and a light to my path through these past few weeks. As I finish up on our last week of training, I am getting more and more excited to start this new chapter in life. I will have the privilege of working full time to raise up a team who will prayerfully and financially support my ministry. Once all my funds have been raised, I will be able to report to my assignment in .......DRUM ROLL PLEASE............ DALLAS!!!! I cannot tell you how pumped I am to be serving the city of Dallas by reaching college students at North Texas and SMU. It feels so good to know where I am heading. The Lord has been faithful to mold me in this process, edifying my character and increasing my trust in Him. Joining staff with Crusade has proven to be the most faith stretching experience I have ever encountered. Every week here reminds me of the mercy that God has lavished on my life in so many ways. It's God's grace alone that has gotten me to this point, and God's grace alone that will take me through this season of raising support. Will you be praying for me as I finish training and move into this new season of life? Pray that I would have the ability to soak up the knowledge that is being presented, and trust in God for the work He has prepared before me. Thanks so much to all who have partnered with me in this ministry so far, I feel carried on your prayers and blessed by your support and encouragement.

Natasha Red