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Without the stress normally associated with getting meals on the table for your family, with the Seasonal Meal Planning Journal you’ll be freed up to open your home to more people this year and use food to deepen relationships.

I’m all for intentional gifts - ones that actually have a purpose, that serve the receiver, and show them that you really know THEM specifically. Anyone can grab a basket-full of pretty things from the Target dollar section, but what will the usefulness of that be? My guess is that it won’t last long and won’t add value to anyone’s actual life or solve any needs.

Giving our SMP Journal this Christmas is one of the most meaningful gifts you could give. My heart gets all giddy thinking about the lives that will be changed from women receiving these planners, from what I mentioned above, and so much more. 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, ate lots of turkey and rested well with family + friends! xo, Natasha 

Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!

You would have thought we hung the moon for Reaghan by giving her a birthday, haha! She has been enamored with the idea for months now, saying each day "guess what?! My birthday coming soon!!" and "I blow my candles out all by myself!" She is so precious at this age. 

I knew a while ago that I wanted to do a Frozen theme for her 3rd birthday party. She loves the movie and loved Queen Elsa and the song "Let it Go." What 3 year old little girl doesn't? She was Elsa for Halloween so it was perfect to have her wear her dress again for her birthday! I'm not big on character themes so I went with the more winter wonderland theme, taking the colors of light blue, royal blue, white and silver and running with that. Pinterest was my best friend and I found some great ideas that went with that theme. 

Reaghan is such a shy little girl, so she didn't know what to make of everything at first. Once all her friends started showing up she was super excited, and played her heart out. 

At the end of this post I'll link everything we used for the party so you know sources if you want to throw your own Frozen party for your little girl! 

Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!


I was so nervous that we wouldn't have enough food for the party, ha! I was so wrong. My parents came through with three amazing platters of "sven snacks" (meats, cheeses and fruits) and rolls, which completed everything I had. I went with easy and picked up all the food at Walmart, and opted to not make anything from scratch. Cupcakes were from a box, meatballs pre-frozen, and water bottles as to not have to make a fancy Frozen drink, haha! 

Here was our menu:

Troll balls - meatballs

Olaf noses - baby carrots in ranch

Olaf arms - pretzel sticks

Frozen hearts - white chocolate dipped strawberries

Sven Snacks - fruit, cheese and meat platters

Snowballs - marshmallows

Anna & Hans' Sandwiches - Hawaiian rolls for making sandwiches with the meat and cheese on the platters

Cupcakes in vanilla bean with cream cheese icing

Melted snowman - water bottles 

Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!


I wanted to make sure that the kids were well entertained during the party, but didn't want to do anything that required me to spend hours DIY-ing. I printed out a big Olaf + carrot noses on ledger sized paper and wrote the names of all the kids attending on the noses. They were blindfolded and able to try "pinning" the nose on Olaf. 

We also had a couple of tables set up with Frozen themed coloring pages and crayons, which they loved! To the right of the tables we taped a royal blue plastic tablecloth to the wall. I hung up some snowflakes and laid out Frozen photo props to make a little photo booth for the kids! I loved seeing all the kids reactions to the Frozen faces... they had so much fun! 

Since the weather was gorgeous that day, I had my husband crumple up some printer paper and labeled them "snowballs," setting them outside for kids to have a pretend snowball fight. This was a huge hit, and kids stayed out there for a long time, throwing snowballs, playing on our swing set and singing Let it Go! 

Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!


In addition to the activities, which brought some decor to the party, I wanted the food table to be the main focus, of course. I taped up some paper fans and snowflakes with a giant 3 balloon. I could stare at this wall all day, it makes me so happy! 

Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!

I also used several printables from a gorgeous Winter party printable pack (linked below!) all throughout the party. 

Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!

I love our sweet girl at age 3. With every new milestone and development, I don't think I could love her any more, but then I do. Jordan and I just keep saying "she's precious, she's so sweet." Don't get me wrong, she's still 3, and we still deal with our fair share of toddler tantrums, but her little personality is shining through so much these days and it's been the biggest joy to learn her more and more. She went to bed that night all dreamy eyed. When I asked her what her favorite part of her party was she said "friends" *cue mama tears*

Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!
Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!

There were so many moments from this weekend that will be etched into my heart and mind forever. Her chatting away with her "boyfriend" Bryce, the look on her face and audible gasp when she saw her very own bicycle (thanks Nan and Grand Dad!), talking to her big 3 balloon and telling it goodnight and I miss you for every day after, haha. I just want to keep all these precious moments forever. I'm still on a party high for sure from it all! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate our sweet girl, and to my mama and MIL for helping SO much setting up. 

Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!

This picture makes me least three of us are looking at the camera! ;) 

Reaghan's 3rd Birthday Frozen Party!


Olaf picture

Olaf carrot noses

Frozen coloring pages

DIY popsicle snowflakes 

(I just googled a snowflake I liked and hot glued popsicle sticks together in that shape, then spray painted white)

mini snowflake garland

Frozen photo props

Elsa dress

Printables for the whole party

(door sign, cupcake toppers, table cards, water bottle labels, etc.)

White and blue paper fans

Silver 3 balloon

Styrofoam balls

(for snowball fight outside + cut in half for table card holders)

Mini Christmas trees on food table

(Target Bullseye's Playground section during Christmas time)

If I forgot anything that you're wondering about, just leave a comment!

NR Holiday Gift Guide Series: For the Mama

When I think of gifts for a mom I think of all the comforting and calming things. Any way I can bring a little more peace to a moms life, that's where I'm at. I also think of meaningful tools to help fill up the well that so often is poured and poured and poured out with little to no reserves. 

Today is my 3rd post in my gift guide series, for the mama in your life. To see other guides in the series, scroll to the bottom of this post. 

The Intentional Gift Guide Series - Gifts for the Mama // Natasha Red

1. Tea

Never underestimate something as simple as hot tea. At the end of a long day, one thing that I love to do is unwind with a cup of comforting tea. A little self care at the end of a long parenting day goes such a long way. A hot shower, bath, a chapter of a good book, a cup of tea. Yogi's Calming tea is one I'm loving right now. GET IT HERE

2. The One Year Chronological Bible

What better gift to give to a mama than God's Word. The only true place of refreshment, rest and guidance. So often we point mom's to places that don't satisfy, and a deeper connection with Jesus will help her soul and her family's. After listening to a recent episode of the Jamie Ivey Happy Hour podcast, I feel like a chronological Bible is a great gift choice! I definitely want to start in the new year, reading the Bible in the order of events to get a deeper view than I ever have before. GET IT HERE

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

There are a few things that help me (and other mom's I know) get going for the day. Getting dressed (even if it's changing out of pj's into yoga pants and a loose top, as I usually do ;)), putting on some light makeup, having a tidy house, and diffusing some essential oils are just a few examples. My days start on a peaceful foot when Reaghan and I start off with hot tea, making breakfast together, diffusing some oils and listening to some worship music. GET IT HERE

4. The Story of God's Love for You

Along with digging into Scripture, I found this devotional helpful in the very early days after Everett was born. It was a thoughtful Christmas gift from my sister and brother in law last year and served my soul well in the wee hours of the morning with a newborn. The words are the same as the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Loyd Jones, but it is packaged in a more adult manner. This would be such a blessing as a shower gift as well. GET IT HERE

5. Cultivate What Matter's Powersheets

Most moms feel like they have lost a bit of themselves in the transition to motherhood. I think this is especially true after welcoming your first child to the family. Though this is a real and raw emotion, it doesn't hold truth. You haven't "lost" yourself, you are merely redefining who you are, your values and goals. One of the biggest blessings for a mom is to carve out some time to think through goals for herself, her family and her dreams. Becoming a mom doesn't mean we have to shut the door on all our dreams! The Powersheets are a grace filled goal setting workbook that has helped me set goals for every area of my life over the past 3 years. GET IT HERE

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NR Holiday Gift Guide Series: For the New Wife

I'm all about intentional gift giving - giving the kind of gifts that you know will add meaning to a persons life and help them to live more intentionally. Every new wife is going through such a massive transition in almost every area of her life. What was once just her is now joined with someone else, and as beautiful and exciting as it is, it's not without it's challenges. 

All of these gifts have been carefully chosen from personal experience so you know your sister, friend or roommate who just got married (or engaged!) would benefit greatly from these gifts this Christmas. 

The Intentional Gift Guide for the New Wife // Natasha Red Gift Guide Series

1. A Field Guide for Marriage

I love this journal set by Val Marie Paper. I've used her journals for years, and the simple design and format make them incredibly easy to use. The field guide helps you talk about areas of life and marriage that sometimes get glossed over. If you desire an intentional marriage and starting off unified, this is a great tool. GET IT HERE

2. Seasonal Meal Planning Journal

The SMP Journal is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get for a new wife. Marriage can be a shock in more ways than one, and meal time is definitely no exception. I remember feeling so defeated and overwhelmed as I struggled to learn what foods my husband liked and exactly how much food he wanted! As much as meal planning can be simplified for the new wife, the better! GET IT HERE

Here's what one new wife had to say about her SMP:

With my wedding quickly approaching last fall, and a husband with quite the appetite (who doesn’t like to eat the same thing more than a day or two in a row!) I knew I needed to make a plan for married life! We both work full time jobs outside of the home and had to be smart about our time and budget. I had printed a few things off Pinterest here and there but would lose them or forget to print them off - not effective! I stumbled upon Natasha’s Seasonal Meal Planning journal and it was pure gold when it came to planning, shopping and executing meals at home! We stuck to our plan, stayed on budget and wasted a whole lot less food!

3. Calendar 

A shared calendar has been one of the best saving graces in our marriage. During the first year of our marriage, it seemed like we got in way too many tiffs over scheduling. It seems like such a small thing but in reality it can be really draining, especially as you join two schedules, two careers, two sets of desires for how to spend your time, etc. A calendar is a great gift to foster unity in a new marriage. This calendar from Riffle Paper Co. is a cute one! GET IT HERE

4. Catching Foxes

We read this book as a part of our pre-marital counseling. It's set up as a workbook with several weeks before the wedding and a few weeks of reading and discussion after the wedding. It's seriously so drenched in the gospel, I actually was a little surprised as I read the first chapter and felt like I was reading more about God than about practical marriage advice. That's because the book makes the very true point that if we aren't pursuing God above our spouse, our marriage will suffer. Though this book is written for engaged couples, it is an incredible resource for married couples of any length. GET IT HERE

5. Devotional + Goal Setter

One thing Jordan and I did together our first year was read a short devotional in the car each time we drove somewhere. It was a unique but perfect way for us to connect on some deeper issues that maybe we had previously felt too busy to talk about. We used a book from Family Life called Starting Your Marriage Right by Dennis and Barbara Rainey. GET IT HERE

I also highly recommend the Couples Mini Goal-Setting Guide from Cultivate What Matters. I have used the PowerSheets for 3 years now and my husband has been vocal about how awesome of a tool it has been for me. We talked a lot about wanting something for us as a couple to set a vision for our marriage and family, and they finally just released one! We can't wait to dig in next year. GET IT HERE

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Gifts for the Foodie

Kid's Fuel for Busy Mornings

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #V8Mornings #CollectiveBias

I've been loving the routine we've had going on since the Fall season began. Lots of rhythm to our weeks that was lacking a bit over the summer. That's definitely something I want to consider for next year, but for now I'm grateful for the seasons bringing an ever changing pace of life to enjoy. 

Kids Fuel for Busy Mornings - 5 Components to a Healthy Breakfast / Natasha Red

Mondays and Tuesdays are our relaxed, home-body mornings. Reaghan and I clean the house together, we stay in our pajamas, go for a walk around the neighborhood, and do some meal prep. It's true she helps with almost everything! She loves helping and being included :) On Wednesday-Friday, we have commitments that require us to be ready for the day by 8:30 or 9. On our busy mornings, I focus on Reaghan's breakfast a lot more, to ensure that she has enough energy and a full tummy to get her through her activities. 

Here are the 5 components of a healthy breakfast that I try to focus on when we don't have tons of time to linger around, but I want to make sure she's well fed! 

1. Protein

I like to provide a good amount of protein for breakfast. This is usually in the form of eggs but also almond or peanut butter smeared on a whole grain (see below). Protein is the building blocks of the brain which is so important before a day of learning. Protein also gives our little ones energy to get through the long hours of running and playing. 

Kids Fuel for Busy Mornings - 5 Components to a Healthy Breakfast / Natasha Red


2. Vegetables + Fruits

One of my main breakfast go-to's is sweet potato hash with eggs. Since Rae sees me make this for myself every morning, she often wants the same thing! I'm all for her getting some veggies in her body in the morning. Regardless, but especially on days when this isn't the case, I love having a vegetable and fruit based juice drink to add to her breakfast. 

Kids Fuel for Busy Mornings - 5 Components to a Healthy Breakfast / Natasha Red

We love V8® because their flavors always taste great and a 46 oz. bottle lasts our family a long time. It's a pretty easy and inexpensive way for Reaghan to meet her daily intake of fruits and veggies just in case she doesn't the rest of the day. Of course, we always offer fresh fruit and cooked vegetables to her at meal times, but these juice drinks are a yummy and easy supplement! 

Kids Fuel for Busy Mornings - 5 Components to a Healthy Breakfast / Natasha Red

Healthy juice drinks like V8® Veggie Blends are a great source of vitamins A, C & E - perfect for the colder months when it seems like kids are constantly battling a runny nose. Our favorite flavor is definitely the Veggie Blends: Caribbean Greens, but check out this similar flavor too!

Kids Fuel for Busy Mornings - 5 Components to a Healthy Breakfast / Natasha Red

As with most of our groceries, we pick ours up at Walmart. I have been loving the selection at Walmart over the past several months! They have so many healthy options now that make my heart so happy since they also offer grocery pick up. Win, win! 

Kids Fuel for Busy Mornings - 5 Components to a Healthy Breakfast / Natasha Red

3. Vitamins

I mix Reaghan's vitamins in with her juice drink. Right now we have her taking a probiotic, fish oil and vitamin D. During the winter months I love to add about a tablespoon of elderberry syrup (she loves the taste!) to give her immune system an extra boost. 

Kids Fuel for Busy Mornings - 5 Components to a Healthy Breakfast / Natasha Red

4. Whole grains

I like to offer a small bowl of oatmeal, a buckwheat muffin or waffle, or rice cake for her. This just gives her some extra protein as well as whole grains to give her energy and help her stay full. 

Kids Fuel for Busy Mornings - 5 Components to a Healthy Breakfast / Natasha Red
Kids Fuel for Busy Mornings - 5 Components to a Healthy Breakfast / Natasha Red

5. Good water intake 

Water is always so important for kiddos. With all the running around, they work up a thirst pretty quickly. It also helps to keep things moving in their little systems that can get bogged down with all kinds of junk throughout the day. Just make sure to take your child to the potty before you leave for school or daycare! Going potty at home is so much easier than juggling both kids in a public restroom. 

Kids Fuel for Busy Mornings - 5 Components to a Healthy Breakfast / Natasha Red

And then there are mornings when breakfast comes on the road with you...right, mama's? ;)

How do you fuel your kiddos for a busy morning?